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Sometimes words venture out of the safety of this blog and into the wild. I'm so thankful for friends who carry these words farther than I could ever go. It is my joy to write for you! 


(in)courage | My Twenties: A Season for Learning

"I have the privilege of living with a sweet family whose youngest is in the fourth grade. Through watching the journey of parenting a ten-year-old, I’m learning that some seasons are simply meant for messing up and learning. Fourth grade is one of those seasons. It’s the time for losing your homework and wearing the wrong uniform and forgetting the entire back page of the test. It’s safe to face the consequences of these mistakes when you’re in the fourth grade, because that’s what fourth grade is for—learning.

I’m discovering that my twenties might be a season for learning too.

It might be my season for heartbreak, for not yet knowing my direction in life, for disappointing my boss, for crying in the middle of the DFW airport because I have no clue if I’m doing my job well.

So I’m trying to free myself from the expectation of perfection. My twenties are not a season for arrival, but a season for learning, for making mistakes, for getting it wrong, and for giving myself grace. I’m learning that maturity doesn’t come with a birthday; it comes from decades of pain and clinging to Scripture when life tells you it isn’t true. It comes from loss and life curving in a completely unforeseen direction.


Belong Magazine | The Freedom of Boundaries 

"We are expected to be limitless, to have a high ceiling, to constantly compete and out-perform the other creatives in our field. It doesn’t help that our creative work calls for stout confidence and hours of long, hard work. We are gifted with the strength of an iron vault but forget to tend and care for ourselves. Our vaults quickly fill to the brim relationally, creatively, and mentally, and before long our limits are screaming back at us.

Vaults, by nature, have a limited capacity, but by the time I learned this, it was too late. I became a miserably unhealthy version of myself. I buried myself beneath the weight of trying to be everything instead of finding freedom in the space to be myself. 

So how do we prevent our vision and passion from sucking us dry? How do we invest in healthy relationships without burning out on loving people?


Pine Cove Transformed Magazine

Loved getting to write two articles for Transformed Magazine! One, about three generations of my family attending Pine Cove's family camp and how it's profoundly affected our family legacy. Another about the refreshment and life-change that was seen on military bases through Pine Cove's Camp in the City.